Attractive people

In this weeks discussion, I want to go over the effectiveness of hiring only attractive servers. I noticed a common theme at a restaurant I went to this past weekend. Every single server there was an above average looking women. I thought to myself that this had to be a very smart way of producing a positive vibe in a restaurant. People will associate their positive views of the servers with the overall quality of the restaurant. If the restaurant had hired people who are not very pleasing to look at, it could potentially cause them to lose customers. Similar to what I said about having a window in the kitchen of restaurants, there is only good that can come out of hiring attractive people. Meaning that there are no drawbacks because it is a given that all people enjoy looking at attractive others. This topic can be expanded into the importance of having a visually pleasing atmosphere in a restaurant. It subliminally makes a person feel much more comfortable in eating their food their when they admire the looks of the place. I feel that this should be one of the first things a restaurant should have in mind when building their restaurant. One of the largest chains exemplifying this theory is “Hooters”. They have taken pride in this concept and incorporated it into their business model. It is safe to say that “Hooters” would be fresh out of business if it weren’t for this ingenious business model.


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