The Service is Key

This weekend I discovered a great way for a restaurant to lose a lot of profit regardless of how good their food is. I went to a restaurant called “Unos” this past weekend and their food was not bad at all, it was actually really well done. My only complaint I had about the restaurant from the get go was how slow the service was. It took a very long time for us to take our order, an even longer time for us to get our drinks, and an even longer time for us to get our food. It made me feel like we weren’t wanted there. Now, that alone would make me not recommend the restaurant to others or return for a while; However, that was not the main thing that would lose the restaurant money. With my meal I had ordered an appetizer that was meant to come out before my food. After receiving my entree, I grew suspicious that they had forgotten my appetizer. I decided to tell them to cancel it all together because i was already full off my entree. Now if we take what happened to me and multiplied by how ever many people had the same incident, we finds that there was a lot of money lost. This all could have been prevented with better, more attentive service.

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