The Food Aint Everything

In my previous post, I discussed the prices of a meal in comparison to the size of the portions served. I would like to re-address the topic of price because of an experience at a restaurant I ate at this past weekend. My experience got me really thinking about what is and what is not worth paying “a little extra” for. The restaurant I ate at was one that serves chicken wings of various flavors. Usually chicken wings are not very expensive; however, this restaurant was able to stay busy while charging relatively high amounts of money for their food. It made me wonder why. So I looked around the place and saw that the entire restaurant was fully invest in the theme of sports teams and sporting entertainment. There were many flat screen tvs and projector screens in every direction playing what ever sport you’d like! on top of that, the waiters and waitresses were all wearing jerseys. The bathrooms even had tv in them so you wouldn’t miss a second of the game. What this produced was a “fun atmosphere”. A place where you can have a good time just being present and observing your surroundings. So I came to the conclusion that money doesn’t just buy food at restaurants, but it also buys the experience. And the experience could potentially make up for bad food, and vice versa.


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