A lot For a Little

Today I would like to discuss something that has been getting on my nerves recently. I went to a very fancy restaurant with my family this past weekend and had a great experience. The service was great, the food tasted amazing and the atmosphere was very festive. There was however, one very obnoxious issue I had with the place. The portion size of their food was extremely small. To the point where an appetizer, entree, and dessert was not enough to fill me up. I am not someone who needs enormous portions to enjoy my meal, but I believe the portions were just way too small. that being said, It probably wouldn’t be such an issue if the price matched the portion, but unfortunately they did not. It was twice as expensive as any other entree I had at any other restaurant. The only reason I was willing to pay so much that evening was because a family friend was visiting and we wanted to celebrate their coming. So the question I present is if it is worth it to go to a fancy restaurant and pay the hefty dues for smaller portions, or should one just go to a different restaurant with larger portions, cheaper prices, but less formal? For me, I would choose a less formal restaurant with a more satisfying meal, but it all depends on wether you favor food or atmosphere.


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