The angery hot dog man

Today I would like to discuss my experience at a restaurant located in Berkeley California, as it was an interesting one. I was visiting my friend at the local college when we decided we would like a late night snack. We look up reviews for a restaurant that specializes in hot dogs to-go. On our way over their we were expecting your everyday late night diner with the kind service and clean & quiet atmosphere. This was because of the great, happy reviews that it had received. Well we could have not been more wrong. The man the the register had a huge walking stick and was yelling at every customer. If you weren’t ready to order he would kick them out of the line and tell them to come back later. I was absolutely shocked that this place was so popular! Yes the hot dogs were great, but no one likes to be yelled at….right? I asked the folks around if this is how the place always is and they responded, “yeah! isn’t it great?”. Dumbfounded, I came to the conclusion that the reason why this restaurant was so popular lies within last weeks post. I discussed the item of Familiarity and dependability. These people found joy in the anger of the service there because it was the atmosphere they were expecting and were familiar with at that particular hot dog joint. I’m absolutely positive that if the joint has originally been a nice sound place, then rapidly changing to the aggressive atmosphere it is today, they would lose customers because people wouldn’t expect it and might take offense to it. But because that is what they are known for, they found success.


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