Familiarity and Dependability

Today’s discussion revolves around the subject of how restaurant chains develop familiarity and dependability with their customers. People like to eat where they feel comfortable and safe, thats a given. If a restaurant fails to accomplish this, then they are going to see that they are losing customers quite fast. One very common way that I feel is the most important way to make people feel safe and comfortable is to make the restaurant familiar with the customers. Ways to accomplish this is to make the floor plans of each of the restaurants in the chain the same. If the customers can walk inside a restaurant and automatically know where the restroom is, know where the waiting room is, and know what the atmosphere is going to be like, they will feel much more content eating there. This strategy doesn’t only work in restaurants, but in grocery stores too. The most large scale example is Costco. Their warehouses are literally designed exactly the same across the nation. The products are, for the most part, the same as well. It allows customers to be very dependable on the store for their needs. The same goes for restaurants. The more customers can depend on a restaurant for their needs, the more likely it is they will choose that place over another. People feel comfortable when they are familiar with a place and can depend on its services.


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