The Extra Distance

     In today’s post I will be discussing the differences between fast food restaurants and the characteristics that make them unique. To be specific, I want to get into what makes a fast food restaurant someones “favorite”. The reason why this intrigues me is due to an event that occurred last night. I was hanging out with my friends relatively late at night, and we of course eventually got hungry and decided to go out to eat. The only restaurants that are open that late at night are fast food restaurants. The only problem was the fact that we couldn’t agree to go to the same restaurant. We all had opinions on where we should go and none of us agreed. We finally decided on in n out. Given that the options were in n out, McDonalds, or Burger King, it make me wonder why we were even arguing. All of these restaurants have the one thing that we got at In n Out…. burgers and fries. What makes the other restaurants better than the other? Why would someone prefer one set of burger and fries over the other. This led me to do a little bit more research on the topic. It turns out that In n Out puts a lot more effort into their burger and fries. This results in them being slightly more expensive, but makes them stand out in a positive way. They advertise their use of vegetable oil and the fact that their fries are made fresh right in front of you. This demonstration that they are putting in THAT much extra work is what made them our restaurant of choice. My point here is that it is not always about making the most amount of food at the cheapest price. Sometimes it pays off to go the extra distance.

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