Da betta Da service, Da betta Da food

In today’s blog post, I would like to discuss the importance of a good waiter and waitress team. To start off, i’ll talk about my experience at the Vietnamese “Pho” noodle house restaurant I ate at today vs the one I went to last week. The first one was located here in Stockton California. I walked in through the doors and proceeded to wait to be seated at a table. We waited… and waited… and waited. It was as if I was being ignored for a solid 15 minutes. When we finally got to our table, the waitress gave us our menus without saying a word and rushed right off. There was no apology for the wait or friendly conversation to break the ice. She did absolutely nothing to make me feel like my business was wanted, and that was just it… she made me really want to take my business elsewhere. When we finally got our food, we decided that we hadn’t had soup that good at any other restaurant. It was the best pho we had ever had. The other pho restaurant was a very different experience. When we walked in, there was someone there whose job it was to greet people and find them a table. She was very friendly and really tried to find us the best table. Once we were seated, the waitress came by and asked us how our day was going and really seemed concerned for our well being. She gave us her opinion on the best items on the menu and got our order out very quickly. The only negative aspect was the fact that the pho was not even half as good as the first restaurant; however, I would choose the second place 9 times out of 10. This is because the experience there was so much better and made me feel “at home”. It is very important that a restaurant not only strives to have amazing food, but to have amazing service as well. The first restaurant lost a value customer because of their lack of good service.


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