Outside Appearence

Today I will be discussing some new restaurants I ran into this weekend when I took my family out for dinner. One of which was a traditional seafood restaurant while the other was one where you order oysters by the shell. The seafood restaurant was very appealing from the outside because of the “under the sea” theme they had decorated the entire front patio in.  Now i’m not referring to gross stuff like fish skeletons and sea slugs… There were fish nets, fake tropical sea creatures, a synthetic river, and other aquatic related decorations. The oyster bar I talked about didn’t even put in half the effort to make their exterior look nice. What I am pointing out is the effort level into making the outside of the restaurant to make it seem appealing. The appearance of the exterior of a restaurant is very important for many reasons. One of which is the way that customers choose where they wish to eat. No one wants to eat at a restaurant that looks “sketch” or dirty and gross. If it is apparent that money has gone into making the outside look appealing, then people will associate it with the quality of the food there. An ideal example of this is the popular food chain “Fridays”. The food is sub par, but he decorations create an atmosphere that is fun to be in and brings up the mood in the restaurant.

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